Drop Notification Form

  • I am requesting the following student(s) be dropped from Fun & Fitness Gymnastics. As per the written policy of Fun & Fitness Gymnastics, I further understand the following:
    1. All students enrolled in recreational classes require a minimum 2-week written notice. This notice must be received by the 15th month prior to the month you wish to dis-enroll in order to avoid additional tuition charges. Any notice received after that date will have full tuition charges for the following month assessed.
    2. Students who are members of any of the following competitive team programs require a 30-day written notice.
      1. Women’s USAG Levels 1-Elite
      2. Men’s USAG Levels 4-Elite
      3. Xcel
    3. All drop notices will receive a confirmation number. I understand it will be my responsibility to ensure my drop notice is properly received by Fun & Fitness Gymnastics and that I have been given a copy (or email reply) with MY CONFIRMATION NUMBER. However, please note we DO NOT EVER accept drop notices via phone, fax, verbally, or via regular mail. If you email your notice, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure we have received it. If you have not received a confirmation reply from us within 2 business days, please call and check on the status.
    4. F&F Refund Policy- Any unused tuition after the student’s drop date will remain on your F&F gym account as a credit. used towards ProShop purchases, Parent’s Night Out or future tuition. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.
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