USAG Men’s Compulsory Competitive Team

Both men and women’s team programs start with the Compulsory level. This level is a pre-designed routine choreographed by USA Gymnastics with skill requirements that need to be met. All athletes compete the same routine and are judge by the amplitude and execution of the skills performed. The season begins in December and finishes in April. This team competes locally in Texas. They train 3 to 4 days per week.

 USAG Men’s Optional Competitive Team

Both men and women’s optional program the routines are specifically designed by the coach and athlete on an individual basis. They put together a routine that shows the athletes strengths using their individual assets they have on each event.  Showing dynamics of power, strength, flexibility and personal style. They have specific requirements at each level by USA Gymnastics and are judged the on amplitude, execution of the skills they perform. These athletes start out competing at the State level and as they move to the next level they will compete Regionally and then Nationally. These athletes will train 4 to 6 days per week. Some of these athletes at the upper level aspire to get a college scholarship.