Meet Our Owners: Kellie & Hideo Mizoguchi

Hideo Mizoguchi (Mizo) is a former competitive gymnast, with an undying passion for the sport. Mizo was also the Technical Director of USA Gymnastics for over 10 years and served on USA Gymnastics’ Men’s National Team Selection Committee.  

Kellie Mizoguchi is a former competitive gymnast. She was the youngest NAWGJ (National Assoc. of Women’s Gymnastics Judges) Director in St. Louis. She was founder and owner of All American Gymnastics in Creve Coeur, MO, for 10 years prior to moving to Texas. She is a well-known and nationally respected Elite Choreographer.

The Power of Teamwork

Mizo and Kellie have assembled a highly qualified staff dedicated to helping each young athlete attain his or her gymnastics objective, whatever their dream may be recreational gymnastics, international competition or simply to improve strength, flexibility and conditioning for other athletic pursuits.

Meet our Fun & Fitness Staff

Senior Staff & Directors

  1. Hideo (Mizo) Mizoguchi, Owner & Executive Men’s USAG Team Coach 
  2. Kellie Mizoguchi, Owner & Executive Women’s USAG Team Coach
  3. Mary Sheni, General Manager
  4. Tyler Mizoguchi, Director of Ninja Force Program
  5.  Lisa Bradford, Director of Preschool Program
  6. Eryn Danford, Director of Recreational Program
  7. Alison Farb, Director of Marketing
  8. Ivan Ivankov, Men’s USAG Junior Olympic Team Director
  9. Denson Moore, Women’s USAG Xcel Team Program Director
  10. Sandy Sabo, Women’s USAG Junior Olympic Team Program Director
  11. Jay Williams, Director of Parties

Mens USAG Team Coaches

  1. Ivan Ivankov, Head Coach
  2. Tyler Mizoguchi

Women’s USAG Team Coaches

  1. Sandy Sabo
  2. Denson Moore
  3. Meghan Dailey
  4. Devon West
  5. Aries Cooper

Recreational Coaching Staff

  1. Matt Campbell
  2. Yegor Chemezov
  3. Bright Chen
  4. Bailey Harris
  5. Holly Jordan
  6. Ethan Kappes
  7. Kim Kelly
  8. Marley Lumpkin
  9. Merae Martinez
  10. Caitlyn Moore
  11. Camryn Noble
  12. Jaynee Ricks
  13. Loa Rivas
  14. Isabelle Rivera
  15. Mia Romito
  16. Ava Stephens
  17. Jenai Stills
  18. Kaitlyn Torres
  19. Alayna Wright
  1. Our Front Office Staff
  1. Sierra Landry
  2. Alison Farb
  3. Kori MacIntyre
  4. Erin Mancha 

Questions or need info? We can be reached by email at info@funfitgym.com or phone at 832-222-2228.