GymFest is our AMAZING annual performance showcase event for our students! Your child is learning skills this spring that will be combined into routines to perform for family and friends. The event is run similar to a real gymnastics competition, but super fun and stress-free with no scoring! They’ll be divided into ‘teams’, have a March-In Ceremony, and perform their skills/routines as they rotate to various events. Your child will be individually recognized as they are called to stand with pride on top of the awards podium, and will be awarded a Gold Medal for their achievements. Early-Bird registrations by March 29th will receive either a free custom leotard or t-shirt; so be sure to register by 03/29/23!  If you miss the Early Bird deadline, don’t panic! We ABSOLUTELY still want your child to enroll and be a part of GymFest! While they’ll miss out on the free leotard or t-shirt, they are welcome to wear the leotard or t-shirt of their choice! 

Our coaches will be leading our GymFest students every step of the way. And no worries if they forget a skill or ‘mess up’! As we said, no one is being scored and the goal is to celebrate our students and award their dedication. GymFest is divided into quick, 2-hr sessions by level, so it’s highly important to enroll your child in the same level as their current class level.  

This is a fun family event, so be sure to bring grandparents, aunts, and uncles, etc., to show off your child’s accomplishments and to snap pics as they stand up on the podium! 

Please note: Due to the nature of GymFest and costs incurred advance of this very special event, GymFest registration fees are non-refundable; additionally, no credit is available for cancellation of registration or for a student missing the event for any reason. 

If you registered for GymFest prior to the Early Bird deadline of March 29th, your child will receive the free leotard or tshirt size ordered at time of registration. As these are custom orders, unfortunately, you will not be able to exchange for a different size once the order has been placed. You will be notified when the leotard or t-shirt arrives, which will be mid-May.  It will be available for pick-up at our front desk at that time. While it’s not required for your child to wear their free GymFest leotard or t-shirt to the event, most do! However, they are most welcome to wear the leotard or t-shirt of their choice for the event.