by Jenny Gaal, Fitness Director

Drink Water

Water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body.  That probably explains why we feel better when we’re drinking enough of it.   Here are the top 16 reasons water can benefit your life:

  1. It could aid weight loss.
    2. It powers our warm-weather exercise.
    3. It keeps things moving, digestion-wise.
  2. It helps endurance athletes fight fatigue.
    5. It might protect against some types of cancer.
    6. It can improve mood.
    7. Drinking it may help prevent headaches, naturally.
    8. It keeps our kidneys working.
  3. It energizes us.
    10. Soda water makes healthier cocktails.
    11. It may help keep us alert.
    12. It protects our joints and cartilage.
  4. It takes the edge off of hangovers.
  5. It helps us think more clearly.
  6. It’s been linked to heart health.
  7. It may help relieve congestion.