comit to be fit


by Jenny Gaal, Fitness Director

Ever noticed that when you take a break from exercise longer than a few days it’s tougher to get back on track?  With exercise, keeping up the momentum is key.

  1. Don’t think of your fitness classes as optional.
  2. Be preparedIt takes a lot of energy to get started, but much less energy to continue something you’ve already begun.  Pull out your workout clothes the night before, be accountable for time, and arrange your schedule…
  3. Prepare your body too.  Staying well hydrated during the day, eating regular healthy meals and getting sufficient sleep all assists in keeping your body in the best state for exercise.  Keeping energy high by treating your body right, will make it easier to get to your sessions and assist your performance.
  4. Remind yourself regularly of your achievements.  If you stay committed you can look forward to even more results.
  5. Set an Agenda.  Setting very short term goals can coax you into attending each session.
  6. Get an Accountable Partner.   Enrolling with a friend can assist with your commitment.
  7. What if I just don’t feel like it? Every now and then everyone feels sluggish and tired.  Showing up is the hardest part, once you are moving you’ll find you’ll feel much more energized.  If you don’t start to feel energized, then a light session is better than nothing at all!
  8. Reward yourself.  Set yourself attendance goals and promise yourself rewards for achieving them (food rewards are counterproductive).