by Jenny Gaal, Fitness Director


Wow!  It is already getting hot outside.  Staying alive during the coming sweltering months is hard enough, let alone being able to exercise without melting into a pool of sweat. Speaking of pools, though, we’ve come up with a list of places you can exercise this spring/summer, and on top of that, I’ve suggested some ideas that will help you get through the hot temps relatively stress-free.

  1. Work with the heat Find activity and time of day that works with the temperature. No matter how hot or cold, there’s always a sport that you can take up that suits the temperature. Swimming maybe the obvious choice of exercise for the summer months, however, running, walking and biking are great forms of exercise year around. Fitness classes at Fun & Fitness Gymnastics are always held hot or cold, rain or shine.
  2. Have a heat chaser to cool down After a boiling run or bike ride, there’s nothing better than splashing around in a pool. Even just a large refreshing glass of ice water or a nutritional smoothie can do the trick.
  3. Sun Protection It can be easy to forget sun protection when going out for a brief workout. If you’re not working out indoors than it is always important to wear some sort of protection when going out in the sun, no matter how long for. A little bit of inconvenience now saves the massive inconvenience of wrinkles, sun spots, and (the worst of them all) skin cancer later. Also, investing in some zinc, to at least be applied to your face, is a good idea. Zinc really is a miracle against the sun.