by Jenny Gaal, Fitness Director

Thanksgiving is definitely a time we all look forward to spending time with friends and family, it also is a time we start to consider the undeniable temptations of this holiday. Thanksgiving does not have to spell diet disaster. By following some simple diet tips, you can effectively enjoy Thanksgiving without having to slip back into larger pants in the days immediately following…. Because we all know that is never a good feeling!

Start the Day with Breakfast

Yes, I said breakfast. Conserving morning calories to later only be ravenously hungry will only set you up to over indulge. While it may seem logical to save all of your calories for this one, belt-busting meal, by eating a healthy breakfast prior to sitting down at the Thanksgiving table, you ensure that you are not overly hungry and reduce the likelihood of overeating on the often-calorie-loaded Thanksgiving treats.

Peruse the Buffet Before Tackling It

POA!! Create a dietary plan of attack. To keep your calorie intake down on Thanksgiving, eat only the foods that really appeal to you and keep proper portion sizes in mind. Before you begin to pack your plate with food, look over all of your options and decide which ones you really can’t live without. Skip over any not as desirable food options as you don’t need the added calories.

Downsize Your Plate

The size of your plate matters. Face it; if there is space… you’re going to fill it. Choosing a smaller plate ensures that you don’t allow your eyes to get the better of your stomach and pile on a mountain of food.

Stick With Water

Dehydration is often confused as hunger.   If possible, avoid sodas and alcohol when selecting a beverage to wash down your Thanksgiving meal. These high-calorie beverages maybe appealing, but they also pack an added calorie punch that you do not need on a day when you are already planning a large calorie intake.

Burn Calories wherever you can….Pre-Thanksgiving thru Black Friday

Successful weight maintenance is all about burning more calories than you take in. Period!


Best in Fitness & Happy Thanksgiving,

From our Fun & Fitness Family to yours