Gymnastics Classes 0-6 Yrs

GYMNASTICS:  Boy & Girls, Infant – 6 yrs


Mini Tots: 10 Mo – 18 Mo, Returning Fall 2018

This captivating, actively involved class is geared towards your little one’s exploration and motor skill development. Through teacher-led activities, both parent/guardian and child will be given the opportunity to learn and progress skills that will aid in your child’s growing physical development at their own individual pace. By engaging your child’s senses of sight, sound and touch, we will strengthen their cognitive awareness, while establishing a level of comfort and trust in a safe, social setting. 45 min. $85/mo. *$90/mo eff 08/01/18.

Tiny Tots: 18 Mo – 3 Yrs

This super-fun class is an exciting way to introduce your child to beginning gymnastics. It is an interactive class uniquely constructed for our youngest children which engages both the child and parent/guardian, as the coach leads your child through numerous gymnastics events. This class is geared towards the development of gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and all-important listening skills. 45 min. $85/mo. *$90/mo eff 08/01/18.

Fun Tots: 3-4 Yrs

This is a terrific class for children that provides both structure and fun as they progress in beginning gymnastics. We keep your child active and engaged, as they are rotating through various gymnastics events and acquiring the building blocks for an excellent foundation in gymnastics. This class is geared towards increasing their coordination, flexibility, balance and core strength as well as their listening and socialization skills. 45 min. $85/mo. *$90/mo eff 08/01/18

Fit Kids: 5-6 Yrs

This high energy and fun class is geared towards perfecting the basics while rotating through the various gymnastics events. It is focused on the detail necessary for successful skill progression, ensuring your child has an excellent platform to advance upon in gymnastics. This class is aimed towards increasing their flexibility, balance, coordination and overall strength. 55 min. $85/mo. *$90/mo eff 08/01/18