Fun & Fitness Gymnastics Rules and Policies


Registration Fee

*Annual registration fee for one child is $55

*Family registration fee is $85 and covers 2 or more students in the same immediate family

*Registration fee is valid for one year from your enrollment date and is renewed automatically.

*This fee is non-refundable and not pro-rated.


*You may enroll at anytime during the month.  Tuition will be pro-rated for that month if necessary.

* Registration fee and 1st month’s tuition due at time of enrollment.

*After initial payment, there are two monthly automatic payment options

1)  ACH (bank checking account)

2) Auto draft from VISA, MasterCard or Discover

*AUTODRAFTING AUTHORIZATION is due at time of enrollment

Monthly Tuition

*Monthly tuition will be auto-drafted on the first business day of each month.

*45 minute & 55 minute recreational classes are $85/mo

*Additional recreational 45 min or 55 min classes within the same immediate family are $75 per/mo.

*Tuition increases for classes longer than 55 minutes.  Please check with front office for information.

*Unused tuition payments in the event of injury, sickness, etc. will be credited to your gym account.  NO REFUNDS.


After the initial reg fee and 1st month’s tuition payment is made, all enrolled students must have their tuition paid via monthly automatic drafting.  We do not allow anyone to make manual tuition payments on a month-to-month basis.

Declined Transactions and Late Fees

*There is a $30 fee on all returned checks and declined credit/debit card drafting transactions: NO EXCEPTIONS.

*There is a $15 fee on all declined ACH autopay transactions: NO EXCEPTIONS.

*There is a $15 late fee on any past due balance after the 20th of the month.

Changes to Your Account

Any changes to your billing account MUST either be updated on your account via the Parent Portal of our website at or be given in writing to the Front Desk. To ensure your account will be billed correctly, all changes need to be submitted by the 20th of each month to ensure it is correct for next month’s billing.


*Any additional 45 min or 55 min class in the same immediate family is $75/mo

*Any additional team student receives a 10% discount.

Referral Fee Credit

Refer your friends and family! You can earn a $10 tuition credit for each referred family. Be sure to have them inform us of the referral with your name and student’s name at the time of their registration.


Registration Fees, Tuition, Party Deposits, Event Fees, Punch Cards,  Flex Class Cards and ProShop purchases, etc. are NOT REFUNDABLE. However, unused tuition past an effective drop date may be issued a gym credit, which will be applied towards your family’s account here at the gym.  Credits may be used towards Pro Shop purchases, parties, future tuition or Parent’s Night Out.

Make-Up Classes

The Fun & Fitness Gymnastics policy is that we do not offer make-up classes for absences from classes. However, Fun & Fitness Gymnastics recognizes that students can get sick and unfortunate circumstances can lead to occasional absences. Therefore, as a courtesy for our clients, beginning February 1, 2015:

  • You may schedule one, free of charge, make-up class every month
  • You must schedule the make-up class in the same month as the missed class.
  • No make-up classes for any 5th class in a month, as our tuition is based on 4 classes per month.
  • All make-up classes will generally be scheduled on the *last Saturday of that month, either at 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm, for all students who have missed one or more classes due to illness during that month. *Due to holidays, an alternate Saturday may be selected.
  • If a student has missed more than one class, they are only eligible for ONE make-up class for the month. No missed classes may be carried over to the following month.
  • If a student is enrolled in two classes and misses a class in each separate class, they will be eligible for TWO Make-Up classes. Both Make-Up classes will have to be scheduled on the same day, back-to-back, at 12:00 pm and 1 pm.
  • Make-Up classes must be scheduled in advance. Please contact the front office to reserve a spot. You must provide the date of the missed class.
  • No last minute or drop in make-ups will be permitted.
  • The student must get a sticker at the front desk prior to entering the make-up class.
  • There are NO Make Ups for USAG or Xcel Team or Pre-Team Students

PLEASE NOTE: This make-up opportunity is for classes missed due to illness only: not for absences due to forgetting class, vacations or conflicting events. To clarify, regardless of the number of absences a student has in any single month, they are may take only one make up class (for example: 2 absences get 1 Make-Up class).

Class Changes

1 class change allowed per 8 weeks, with the exception of class level changes, i.e. promotions.


*We require parents/guardians to stay on-site for students younger than 6

* You may not enter the gym floor for ANY reason, unless specifically asked to by the instructor.  The only exceptions are Music & Movement classes, Tiny Tot classes and birthday parties.  In order to be on the floor, a waiver must first be signed.  Waivers are available at our front desk.

Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy

We understand from time to time a student may need to dis-enroll from our program.
Please note the following: All drop notices will receive a confirmation number.  It will be your responsibility to ensure your drop notice is properly received by us and that you have been given a copy (or email reply) with YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER.  However, please note we DO NOT EVER accept drop notices via phone, fax, verbally, or via regular mail.  If you email your notice, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure we have received it. If you have not received a confirmation reply from us within 2 business days, please call and check on the status.

    • All students enrolled in recreational classes require a minimum 2-week written notice. This notice must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to dis-enroll in order to avoid additional tuition charges.  Any notice received after that date will have full tuition charges for the following month assessed.
    • Students who are members of any of the following competitive team programs require a 30-day written notice.
    1. a) Women’s USAG Levels 1-Elite
    2. b) Men’s USAG Levels 4-Elite
    3. c) Xcel All levels
    • All drop notices will receive a confirmation number.  I understand it will be my responsibility to ensure my drop notice is properly received by Fun & Fitness Gymnastics and that I have been given a copy (or email reply) with MY CONFIRMATION NUMBER.  However, please note we DO NOT accept drop notices via phone, fax, verbally, or via regular mail.  If you email your notice, it is your responsibility to make sure we have received it. If you have not received a confirmation reply from us within 2 business days, please call and check on the status.
    • F&F Refund Policy- WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS. Any unused tuition after the student’s drop date will remain on your F&F gym account as a credit. Credits may be used towards ProShop purchases, Parties, Parent’s Night Out or future tuition.

    *We offer two separate written drop notice options:

  • We have a drop notice available at our front desk, or
  • You may electronically submit the DROP NOTIFICATION FORM located on the homepage of our website.

     We do not accept drop notices in any other manner. You must retain the drop confirmation number that you are issued for proof of your child(ren)’s drop notice.

Refund Policy

Any unused tuition after your child’s effective drop date will remain on your F&F gym account as a credit.  Credits may be used towards ProShop purchases, Parent’s Night Out or future tuition.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.

Dress Code

ALL:  Shoulder length hair MUST be pulled back so it is does not get in the way or as to cause an injury during training. Hair ties are sold at the front desk for 50c. No jewelry. 

Girls – Proper attire is a leotard, leotard and fitted shorts or unitard.   No tights under leotard allowed.

Boys – Proper attire is fitted athletic t-shirt and athletic shorts (elastic waistband only, no pockets, no zippers, etc).

Men & Women- Fitted, full-length workout shirts and shorts/workout pants. No bare midriffs, please.

Electronic Device Policy

  • Student cell phones must be placed in the designated gym cubbies; they are not allowed anywhere on the gym floor and/or around equipment.
  • No other student electronic device is allowed into the gym (No IPads, tablets, laptops, IPods, etc.)
  • Fun & Fitness Gymnastics is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost/stolen items.

Pro Shop

We offer an extensive selection of the finest in gymnastics leotards and apparel from GK Elite, Motionwear and Destira. Our inventory transfers out every month or so, so always something new arriving! Birthday or Christmas coming up?  Please check out our great gift items!

  • Clothing in the pro shop may be tried on in fitting area ONLY.  Undergarments must be worn when fitting a leotard.
  • Exchanges only permitted within 30 days of purchase.  PURCHASES CANNOT BE RETURNED OR REFUNDED
  • Must have sales receipt to exchange
  • Item must in new condition and unworn
  • Sales tags MUST be attached to garment
  • If you have defective issues after purchase, please contact the manufacturer directly. We consign our ProShop items directly from the manufacturers;  they do not belong to Fun & Fitness.