Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all kinds of info, so here is a quick list of answers to our most-commonly asked questions:

Class Questions

When will my child move-up in their class?

Every child is unique in their development, talent, passion and desire to learn the sport.  Some kids come only for the fitness aspects, some come in their desire to become competitive gymnasts or to join a cheer squad, and some come simply for the challenge or socialization the sport provides.  We move up our students when they individually have mastered the skills for that level.  If you have questions about the progress of your child, you can either catch the coach for a quick talk after class (mindful that they are probably teaching another class in 5 minutes!), or the preferred route is to either leave a message at the front desk or send us an email. We will relay the message to your child’s coach to contact you as soon as possible.

How can my child move to team?

Our competitive teams here at Fun & Fitness are consistently ranked among the top in the nation. We hand-select our potential team members based on a number of attributes: talent (of course!), age, passion, focus, self-discipline and DRIVE.  You may see a class of 8 kids, and notice one working exceptionally hard to improve and master their skills.  That is the type of child we seek in order to meet the demands of a competitive training regimen. Unlike many other sports, such as baseball and soccer, you cannot simply ‘sign’ your child up to be a competitive gymnast.

If your child has expressed a sincere interest to be a competitive gymnast, please let your coach know.  They will advise you of your child’s potential based on their class behavior, talent, skill level and the other attributes as mentioned above.  Please note: If you have a talented child but they are unfocused and have difficulty following their coach’s instruction in class, we know that is not a recipe for the intensive training required as one of our competitive athletes. Our athletes train in a group and must be able to learn and work independently within that group setting when required.

Because gymnastics and tumbling require so much strength to attain skills, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING:

1) A MUST HAVE: A SECOND WEEKLY CLASS: The benefits are numerous: extra rotations on the different apparatus, from the additional coaching received, more skill work, but most importantly, it will help them gain strength. Upper-body strength is a necessity for bars, for instance. Abdominal and leg strength is required for tumbling and vault.

2) HOME STRENGTH TRAINING: DOWNLOAD our Home Strength Exercises for Gymnastics Flyer, which details exercises your child can do at home to gain strength.

3) PARENT’S NIGHT OUT: Every Friday night from 7:30pm-10:30 pm (with the exception of some holiday weekends), we offer our students 3 full hours in the gym to come work on the skills they are learning each week, and another opportunity for them to condition and strengthen their muscles.  Plus, it’s a ton of fun!

4)  PRIVATE LESSONS:  Our exceptional coaches are available for private lessons for one-on-one training.

Our most successful students take advantage of most if not all of these avenues in order to gain strength and fast-track their skill set.

Why is a different coach teaching my child’s class?

We as humans get sick, take vacation, or have emergencies arise from time to time.  Additionally, as our enrollment grows it is sometimes necessary to add classes or split existing classes and reassign coaches or assign newly hired coaches to classes. Please trust that any scheduling changes that are necessary, whether temporary or permanent, are done to best utilize the expertise of our coaching staff to meet the demands of our combined programs. All of our coaches are well-trained, USA Gymnastics’ SafeSport Certified professionals who continue their coaching education through our in-house training program as well as by on-going accreditation courses, clinics and workshops provided by USA Gymnastics and the Gymnastics Association of Texas.

What do I do if my child misses a class?

The Fun & Fitness Gymnastics policy is that we do not offer make-up classes for absences from classes. However, Fun & Fitness Gymnastics recognizes that students can get sick and unfortunate circumstances can lead to occasional absences. Therefore, as a courtesy for our clients:

  • You may schedule one, free of charge, make-up class every month
  • You must schedule the make-up class in the same month as the missed class.
  • All make-up classes will be scheduled on the last Saturday of that month, either at 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm (depending on availability) for all students who have missed one or more classes due to illness during that month.
  • If a child has missed more than one class, they are only eligible for ONE make-up class for the month. No missed classes may be carried over to the following month.
  • If a child is enrolled in two classes and misses a class in each separate class, they will be eligible for TWO Make-Up classes. Both Make-Up classes will have to be scheduled on the same day, back-to-back, at 12:00 pm and 1 pm.
  • Make-Up classes must be scheduled in advance. Please contact the front office to reserve a spot. You must provide the date of the missed class.
  • No last minute or drop in make-ups will be permitted.
  • Your child must get a sticker at the front desk prior to entering the make-up class.
  • There are NO Make Ups for USAG Team, Xcel Team or Pre-Team Students

PLEASE NOTE: This make-up opportunity is for classes missed due to illness only: not for absences due to forgetting class, vacations or conflicting events. To clarify, regardless of the number of absences a student has in any single month, they are may take only one make up class (for example: 2 absences get 1 Make-Up class).

  1. When the gym is closed for any reason or cancels a class, complimentary make-ups are available only when 4 classes are not provided within that month
  2. No make-up classes are available to any of our pre-team or team members.
  3. Lastly, MAKE UPS are not encouraged as a replacement for a regular class. Your child will best benefit with the consistency of regular attendance in their enrolled class to master the skills being taught. Changing classes for a period of time may be a better option if you know that another activity will prevent your child from coming to class on a regular basis. CONSISTENCY is the key to learning gymnastics.

Private Lesson Questions

How do I schedule a private lesson for my child?

Private lessons are a great way to help your child attain a particular skill that may be having difficulty mastering.  They are not meant as a substitute for class instruction, but rather to enhance it.  Privates are scheduled directly through the coach. You can either leave a message at the front desk for the coach to contact you, send us an email, or talk to the coach directly. Students must be currently enrolled in classes in order to be eligible for private lessons.

How much do private lessons cost?

The cost of private lessons is based on the coach’s individual experience.  Most of the team coaches are in the $65-85/hr range.  Our recreational class coaches are in the $45/$55 an hour range.  The majority of privates are an hour long; however, half-hour and 45 minute privates are available at the coaches’ discretion.  The coach will advise you re: the length of time and /or frequency which will be most beneficial in achieving your child’s goals.

What do I do when I bring my child for their private lesson?

Private lessons are CASH ONLY for the exact amount of the private.  We advise arriving at least 10 minutes early. You will sign your child in on the clipboard at our front desk, give the cash to the front office assistant, and wait for a receipt.  Your child will then bring the receipt to their coach BEFORE the private starts.  AGAIN, CASH ONLY; we are unable to accept checks or credit cards for payment for private lessons. IMPORTANT NOTE: NO BILLS OVER $50 ARE ACCEPTED.  AND AGAIN, ALL PRIVATES MUST BE PAID FOR IN CASH PRIOR TO THE START OF THE LESSON.

Can my child share a private lesson with another student?

Yes, at the coach’s discretion, private lessons may be shared.   While the cost is a little cheaper than doing a private individually, it is not an hourly rate ‘split’.  Ex.  A coach that charges $65/hour for an individual private lesson will charge two students sharing that one private $50 each, for a total of $100.

Billing and Enrollment Questions

When will my monthly tuition draft?

Monthly tuition charges are processed on the first business day of the month, for the upcoming month.  Typically the draft will process on the 1st, unless the first falls on a holiday or weekend.  In that case, it’s the first business day of the month.

Can I change the tuition drafting date?

Our tuition drafting is sent as one complete file.  Unfortunately, we are unable to change the autodraft date for a particular account.

What type of accounts do you take for the automatic tuition drafting?

We take VISA or Mastercard debit or credit cards, Discover credit cards, or can utilize a bank checking account.

How can I change the account I have set up for automatic tuition drafting?

Changes to your tuition account drafting may be made via the Parent Portal on the home page of our website. You may also either complete a new drafting authorization from (available at our front desk), or call us with your new autopay account info.

Why am I being charged a registration fee again?

Registration fees are ANNUAL fees. They will be billed to your account on your anniversary month and combined with your family’s tuition charges as part of your monthly automatic tuition draft.

Why was I charged a $30 decline fee when my tuition drafting was declined by my credit card company simply because my credit card on file with you is expired?

As stated on the registration form completed by you at time of your child’s enrollment, a decline fee will be charged ANYTIME a draft declines, NO MATTER THE REASON, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If your credit card is expiring, or your bank has decided to make you a Platinum member and changes your account #, if your teenage son lost your credit card, if fraud/theft/etc results in cancellation of your account, or for whatever reason your charge will not go through, IT WILL BE INCUMBENT UPON YOU TO CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE NEW DRAFTING INFORMATION.