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Parties at Fun & Fitness are the best!! After all, OUR NAME BEGINS WITH FUN! Our parties get kids jumping, moving and having a FUN-tastical time! Our awesome professional PARTY CREW coaching staff gets the party going, bringing the kids in to the gym for a ton of fun games and activities.  Trampolines, tumble tracks, a huge (did we say HUGE??!!) 57 ft. inflatable train that has an obstacle course INSIDE…He’s Chuggy Choo-Choo, but he likes to be called Chuggy for short…and he’s the # 1 request from all of our party kids in the know.  But you don’t have to ask for Chuggy, he can’t wait for your kid’s party…he’ll be there!

Our parties are such a hit, that time after time kids beg their parents to book their own parties here, after coming to one of their friends!  And the best part, we do the entertaining, AND the clean-up!  All you have to do is invite whoever you want to have a jumping-ly fantastic good time!  After a spirited trek through the gym and Chuggy, our staff will lead the kids out to the lobby, where we will have tables and chairs already set up for your party guests.  You bring the cake and whatever other food, drinks, plates, napkins, utensils and such that you wish.  The next phase of the party is CELEBRATION TIME…cutting the cake, opening presents, etc.  And then? We take care of all of the clean-up! How easy is that?


What is the cost?

We have 3 Party Packages available. All packages include 10 children (birthday child included).  For additional children, please refer below for pricing info. 

  • BRONZE: $200  1 -1/2 Hour Party (1 Hour of Gym Activities & 30 Minutes Celebration Time in Lobby)*
  • SILVER:    $275 2 Hour Party (1 Hour of Gym  Activities & 1 Hour Celebration Time in Lobby)* Silver & Gold Packages are only available for the 5:30 time slot.
  • GOLD:      $275 2 Hour Party (1-1/2 Hours of Gym Activities & 30 Minutes Celebration Time in Lobby)*Silver & Gold Packages are only available for the 5:30 time slot.

For up to 20 children, add $75

For up to 30 children, add $150

For up to 40 children, add $225

*Please note: We staff parties based on the anticipated # of guests you believe will be in attendance, so please let us know a good estimate at time of booking.  If you book a party for 20 guests and only 9 show up, you will still be charged the 20 children rate.  However, if you book for 10 guests and 14 show up, you will also pay the 20 guest rate.  For the ultimate party experience, we request that we get as accurate a number of guests in advance so your party will be accommodated to the best of our abilities. You must notify us by email at, NO LATER THAN THE MONDAY PRIOR TO THE PARTY DATE for any change in the # of guests from the booked total.

Who can attend?

As this is a working gymnastics facility, for safety reasons all 3-yr old party guests  MUST have a parent/guardian accompany them into the gym and assist with their activities. NO CHILD UNDER THE AGE 3 will be permitted into the gym, no exceptions.  Younger children are welcome to remain in the lobby area with their parent/guardian during gym activities.

Also, we love for special needs children to join in the fun! We simply ask that a parent/guardian accompany them into the gym and to assist with their activities.

 When can we arrive to set up?

You can arrive 20 minutes (no more, though, please!) prior to the start time of the party to set up.  We don’t allow piñatas, but do allow you to put up decorations in the lobby party area as long as their removal will not affect or damage any part of the facility.  Any decorations put up will need to be taken down by someone in your party. We do not allow any decorations to be taped/affixed to painted walls or to the ceiling.


Waivers will need to be completed for ALL those entering the gym, NO EXCEPTIONS.  However, due to our liability insurance protocols, adults are allowed into the gym on a STRICTLY limited basis.   In those instances, any adult approved by our staff to enter the gym area will also need to complete a waiver.

When do I pay the balance of the party fees?

Our staff will collect the final payment at the end of the party.  The $200 deposit paid at time of booking will be deducted from the total fees as detailed above.

Can you provide invitations?

Absolutely!  Our FUN personalized party invitations are complimentary, and include both a map to the gym and waiver that needs to be completed for each attendee.   We will email you a personalized invitation in a .pdf file so that you may forward to your guests.